Scottish Business Resilience Centre

We support local businesses via the Scottish Business Resilience Centre (SBRC) which provides a wide ranging one stop shop for business security services and advice.  The centre provides a range of resources, services and events to create a secure environment where business can trade securely, regardless of size and sector.

SBRC is a non-profit organisation which exists to support and help protect Scottish businesses. Its unique connection to us, Police Scotland and Scottish Government gives it exclusive access to the latest information on legislation, criminal trends and threats, allowing it to provide the very best advice to safeguard staff, customers and business.

SBRC offers a wide range of business resilience services, delivered by an expert team of trusted professionals, seconded police and our fire officers and innovative Ethical Hacking students from Abertay University.

Did you know that nearly one in five businesses suffer a major disruption? 

With no resilience plan in place you have less of a chance of maintaining continuous business operations. The Scottish Business Resilience Centre has developed a self assessment tool intended for businesses to proactively ensure their resilience.

 Start your self assessment - ‘10 Steps to Business Resilience