Alcohol and cooking

Mixing cooking and alcohol is a recipe for disaster. Remember – fire starts when your attention stops!

Cooking is the biggest cause of house fires in Scotland. If you’re tired, have been drinking, or taking drugs, you will be less alert to the signs of fire. You are more likely to fall asleep and you are less likely to wake up if a fire does start, particularly if you don’t have working smoke alarms in your home. Make sure your home has working smoke alarms.  Every kitchen in your home should have at least one heat alarm to give you early warning of a fire.

If fire does break out, alcohol or drugs can heighten feelings of disorientation, making it difficult for you to escape.

If you’re out at a Christmas party or if you’re just having a night out down the pub, it’s best to buy food on the way home, rather than attempting to cook when you get back. If you do want to make something when you get home, then it’s best to prepare cold food – a sandwich could save your life!

Christmas Dinner

If you’re not concentrating, then cooking even the simplest meal can cause a fire – so when you’re doing turkey with all the trimmings, it’s even more important to keep alert.

It’s easy to get distracted when you’re cooking a big meal and it’s easy for fire to start - it only takes a minute: NEVER leave hobs unattended while you’re cooking.