Fitness Tests

A Multi-Stage Shuttle Run Test (commonly known as a bleep test) will be use to assess your aerobic fitness prior to the practical selection tests (PST’s).  Aerobic fitness is a measure of your body’s ability to take in and use oxygen to fuel exercise and can also be referred to as stamina or endurance.

Firefighting is a physically demanding occupation and it is essential that our operational staff have sufficient levels of fitness to enable them to carry out their roles as safely and effectively as possible.

Fitnessass Image

The recruitment standard for firefighting roles is This equates to level 8 shuttle 8 on the Multi-Stage Shuttle Run Test and is equivalent to being able to run one kilometre in 4 minutes or 5 kilometres in 23 minutes, if these were maximal efforts.

Before undertaking the assessment you will be required to complete a short Physical Activity Readiness Questionnaire and undergo a blood pressure assessment to ensure that you are fit to participate. 

Candidates will be fully briefed by the Fitness Technician prior to the assessment being undertaken.

The Multi-Stage Shuttle Run Test involves running between two marked points spaced 20 metres apart. You will be required to run between these points at speed indicated by a bleep played from an audio track. The pace will get progressively quicker during the assessment.

You must place one foot on the 20metre mark in time with the bleep. Your assessment will be stopped if you are unable to do this for three successive bleeps. Your last completed shuttle will be used to predict your aerobic fitness.

You should consider how you run during this assessment to enable you to achieve the best score you can. These points will help you to do this:

  • You should pace yourself and not run any faster than you need to in order to reach the mark when the bleep sounds
  • Do not try to keep pace with others if they are running too quickly
  • You do not need to place your foot over the line, just on it so don’t run further than you have to
  • Try to accelerate and decelerate smoothly
  • You may wish to alternate your turning leg. If you only use one leg this will be required to do the majority of the work to decelerate and accelerate into the next shuttle and lead to early fatigue

Candidates who achieve level 8.8 on the day will progress to the practical assessments, scheduled during the Assessment Day.

Download our Recruitment Health and Fitness Guide for more information.