Utilising New Technology

As we transform to meet new and emerging risks within our communities we must ensure our firefighters have the most appropriate equipment for our wider range of needs.

In addition to new emergency vehicles, new technology and vehicles will underpin a more flexible and efficient delivery model and one that is better aligned to risk and need.

We will add to our ‘tool kit’ with proven firefighting technologies such as Ultra High Pressure Lances that will allow us to deploy differently, deploy more safely and much more efficiently.

This new technology is not intended to replace existing methods of firefighting, it will complement them – giving us a greater choice in how we meet the incidents to which we deploy. 

The use of Ultra High Pressure Lances is also well  proven worldwide. They improve firefighter safety by reducing the need to commit BA crews and can reduce compartment temperatures faster and more  effectively than traditional firefighting methods.

We are already trialling UHPLs in the North of the country. We will keep you updated as these projects develop.