Refining our Station Footprint

Our operating model has served us well, but our current station footprint was founded on historical risk.

Our stations are one of our largest costs so reviewing our estate could release valuable funds to re-invest in areas where we can deliver more effective outcomes.

In addition, 76% of respondents to an independent survey stated that a response that meets their needs is more important than where that response comes from.  This gives us flexibility to re-focus our frontline.

Using data, we will undertake a comprehensive review of our station footprint to identify those stations with low activity levels, high instances of false alarms and where there is a high concentration of stations and resources could be combined with those stations nearby.

Simply closing a station on cost grounds, particularly in the more rural areas, is something we would never willingly propose.  Our decisions will always be planned and safe, will be based on data analysis and will always ensure the communities they serve do not see any decline in service levels.

We will be engaging fully with staff as we move forward with this process and will be undertaking a full and detailed public engagement and consultation exercise as we identify our solutions.