Modernising our retained duty system

The dedication of our retained firefighters is beyond challenge, but the model they are asked to work to is no longer fit for purpose. This puts communities at real risk with too many appliances being unavailable due to inflexible crewing models.

To strengthen our RDS and to improve the safety of our rural communities, we are looking at a range of solutions to deliver a planned and safe series of improvements.

These include introducing  new emergency vehicles and technology to allow more flexible deployment, supported where required by traditional appliances at larger and busier stations.

We will appoint full time crew managers in key locations to enhance capabilities and provide the right level of support to  our committed RDS crews.

We will improve community resilience through the addition of defibrillators on appliances and enhanced EMR training for crews.

And, looking to the future, we will work to address the traditional recruitment and gender balance challenges through a new Cadet   Scheme.