Expanding the Firefighter Role

The risks facing Scotland have changed and we must change to meet them.

Fires are reducing but our communities are facing new and emerging risks, including terrorism, emergency medical response and severe weather.

Our population is ageing with a significant rise in number of over 65’s predicted over the next 20 years. 

These trends will increase the number of people who are at risk of fire and other forms of preventable harm, such as trips and falls, within the home environment. 

To meet the new and emerging risk facing our communities face we are looking to expand the role of our firefighters.

Our firefighters have a vital role to play in areas such as responding to terrorism, emergency medical response, enhancing our response to severe weather events and taking on a much broader preventative and intervention role.

We are proposing a four year programme that will transform the Service and the role individual firefighters play and ensure that all firefighters are trained and equipped to meet the new and emerging risks.

It is right that our firefighters are recognised for undertaking a wider role and we will continue to engage positively with staff representative bodies to deliver the right recognition package that will see our firefighters undertake a wider role, trained and ready to respond to the new risks facing the people of Scotland.