Station Footprint

Are you really looking to close stations?

We are focused on outcomes.

Our national footprint and station format were designed for another era, so it is right that we look at how we can now use it more effectively to improve those outcomes.

It is right that we consider options to close, reconfigure or even open stations. Anything we do will be based on data and will not diminish any capability in that area.

To be clear, any stations closures would be in areas with a high concentration of surrounding stations. 

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Would a station closure just be a cut?

Only if viewed in isolation. We are proposing it in the context of wider transformation.

We would be looking at our national station footprint alongside the latest technology, more flexible crewing and a more effective response model.

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How could a station closure be safe?

Through the use of data we can identify stations – predominantly in large urban locations – where a high level of surrounding stations means it is no longer required to maintain the same level of response.

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