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Are you suggesting High Pressure lances as a replacement for BA firefighting?

No, not at all. It is about improving our toolkit.

Both firefighting methods have their roles but, where appropriate, lances can improve both firefighter and public safety by reducing the fire much more quickly without the need to enter a burning building.

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Are the lances proven?


Ultra-high-pressure lances are used by a large number of fire services around the world in countries including Sweden and Canada.

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Are smaller appliances a less capable resource?

They are a proven capability deployed by Services across the UK and around the world. They deliver significant capability in a more agile vehicle and allow us to more efficiently deliver elements of our service that currently rely on large, less flexible fire appliances.

They will combine with traditional appliances to provide a more effective and efficient resource.

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You have resisted crewing with three on RDS, why the proposed change?

Our priority is the safety of the public and firefighters. Only by looking at a fully integrated transformation plan can we deliver a more flexible but safe approach. By introducing new vehicles, latest technology and more flexible working patterns are now able to deliver a service that better meets the needs of our rural communities. 

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Are the new appliances just for RDS stations?

We are initially introducing 30 across RDS stations as this is where the need is greatest.

We will also be looking at how they can be introduced into targeted urban wholetime stations, where they will combine with traditional appliances to offer greater flexibility and efficiency.

They should be viewed simply as another tool in the tool box.  

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