Consultation and Engagement

Are you conducting full consultation on your proposals?

Yes. We will be conducting a full 90-day public consultation – Your Service…your voice - starting on 13 February 2018.

We have already conducted extensive engagement with our own staff and our stakeholders and will continue to do so alongside the consultation.

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Previous public consultations provided little meaningful feedback. What is the Service doing to ensure meaningful feedback for this consultation?

The Service has produced a full communication and engagement plan for our consultation. In addition to our staff, this includes engaging over 400 key external stakeholders including national and local political representatives, elected members, partner agencies and local scrutiny members.

A high profile social media campaign will aim to engage the public at national level, but locally, crews can really help with this by engaging with their local communities.

This is a high level consultation on the principles of transformation.  Further targeted consultation on the detail will follow at a local level to ensure full engagement on what transformation means locally.

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Have the local authorities had the opportunity to shape the transformation proposals?

We have spent the last 18 months continuing to build strong relationships with our local authorities and all have been visited at least once during this time by the Chief and previous Chair.

All are aware of our proposals to transform, so this is not landing on them cold, and all will be invited to participate in the public consultation exercise.

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What is expected from the 90 day consultation?

We’d like to determine that the people of Scotland believe we are doing the right thing: should we go ahead with transformation? Is it appropriate?  What they tell us will help us shape things locally.  We’re hoping for good useful feedback and constructive feedback with possible solutions. There also might be things we’ve not thought about that they want us to get involved in.  All ideas are welcome.

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