Reminder over fire risk of excess refuse

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Householaders and businesses experiencing a build-up of refuse are asked to store items safely to reduce the risk of fire.

The Scottish Fire and Rescue Service warns that excess refuse containing combustible items like paper, cardboard, plastic and wood should be stored outdoors, preferably locked up, and away from property.

Deputy Assistant Chief Officer Alasdair Perry is Head of Prevention and Protection. He said: “A build-up of combustible materials can increase the risk of a potentially devastating fire breaking out.

"Some simple measures can help protect you, your family, your property, your staff, your business and those around you.

"We understand that people are having to store excess refuse in outdoor spaces and gardens. Store items in a secure area if possible and keep it away from property.

“If you are keeping anything inside, or outside, store it away from ignition sources such as open flames, electrical outlets and electrical equipment.

"It is very important that escape routes are kept clear at all times."

For more safety information go to our Rubbish and Refuse section.

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