Scottish Ambulance Service partnership at Glasgow's Castlemilk Fire Station

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The Scottish Ambulance Service is now sharing facilities with the Scottish Fire and Rescue Service in Glasgow, which will extend response capabilities and help to protect communities.

Located at Castlemilk Fire Station are two Scottish Ambulance Service vehicles and a crew of 11 trainee advanced practitioners, who occupy the station on a rota basis. These are specialist paramedics with enhanced assessment skills and are able to refer patients to more appropriate care pathways. Once qualified, they will be able to prescribe a vast array of medications to promote patients being able to stay at home.

This can help prevent unnecessary hospital admissions, therefore negating the stress of an individual being admitted to hospital and subsequently helps reduce the pressures at receiving A&E departments.

The Scottish Ambulance Service already occupies space in other Fire Stations around Scotland. This partnership working brings increased resources to local communities as well as benefiting the staff of both emergency services.

Chris Gartshore, Area Service Manager, Scottish Ambulance Service said: “We needed a base to enable us to maximise the availability of our services across the Glasgow area. This partnership with Scottish Fire and Rescue Service allows us to provide a stable base for our advanced practitioners to carry out their role, both as attending clinicians and their role within our telephone triage service.

“In addition to this, it allows us to work together with SFRS, building key interprofessional relationships in an environment that is not the scene of an emergency. The visibility of our teams working together in close partnership will give a level of reassurance to local communities that their safety is a priority.”

Area Commander Roddie Keith is the Local Senior Officer for Glasgow City. He said: “This is an excellent opportunity for us to further consolidate an already strong working relationship between Scottish Fire and Rescue Service and the Scottish Ambulance Service.

“Co-location of services brings a number of benefits for our organisations, but particularly in terms of the opportunities for regular joint working and interaction, which will benefit the local community.

“We would like to welcome our Scottish Ambulance Service colleagues into Castlemilk Fire Station.”

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