Firefighters use specialist equipment to help save the life of dog following fire

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The crews used a bespoke Smokey Paws oxygen mask to save the dog.

Firefighters helped save the life of a small dog following a fire in Glasgow.

Crews responded to the building fire last week in the Paisley Road West area of the city.

Upon arrival, firefighters extinguished the fire before using a specialist animal oxygen therapy mask to provide oxygen to the animal.

The SFRS has established a longstanding partnership with not-for-profit group Smokey Paws.

Since the partnership was launched in 2016, efforts have been underway to equip every fire station in Scotland with at least one specially designed animal oxygen mask.

The effort has received the backing of Scotland’s First Minister, Nicola Sturgeon.

The bespoke kits – many donated by animal lovers and big-hearted businesses - are designed to fit an animal's nose and allow enhanced oxygen flow.

They can provide emergency care for ponies, calves and even reptiles as well as cats and dogs.

Roddie Keith is the SFRS Local Senior Officer for the City of Glasgow.

He said: "The number one priority for firefighters is to save all life and we have seen on too many occasions the huge impact the loss of a beloved pet can have.

"We know that these kits can help save the lives of animals as they are specially designed to allow firefighters to provide animals with oxygen.

"It's heart-warming to see the reactions of families and owners when they realise their pets are going to be okay following a traumatic incident.

"A big well done to the crew involved, who have helped to save the life of this animal."


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