Diesel shows off his doggles as he launches twitter account

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The SFRS search and rescue asset will tell followers how he works and trains to keep communities safe


SCOTLAND’s hottest fire dog is set to go viral today with the launch of his own Twitter account.

Diesel – filmed here in protective “doggles” and booties – will tell his fans about how he works to protect Scotland’s communities.

And it is expected the Springer Spaniel will further assist the Scottish Fire and Rescue Service to reach out to followers with safety advice.

Diesel’s expertise is also called upon at major disasters around the world where he has used his outstanding urban search and rescue skills to locate casualties in collapsed buildings.

Deputy Chief Officer Iain Bushell said: “There is no doubt whatsoever that Diesel is the hottest looking search and rescue dog in Scotland with his doggles and his booties.

“But these pieces of equipment are absolutely vital to protect this outstanding and highly valued member of our team.

“They enable Diesel to enter some of the most hostile environments, not only reaching casualties but helping protect his firefighter colleagues as they work in risk zones.

“It is crucial that we have this capability as the Scottish Fire and Rescue Service enhances wherever possible its response to major incident and also seeks to transform to meet modern risks such as terror attack.”

He added: “It is clear that Diesel is held in the very highest regard not only by ourselves but by the Scottish public – he is indeed a very good boy.

“I am therefore delighted that he is being given a platform to outline his fantastic work, key safety advice and even a picture with his beloved play ball – the only reward he ever asks in return … although I think he’ll now be looking for a follow on twitter too.”

Diesel is a vital member of the SFRS Urban Search and Rescue’s (USAR) National Response and is deployed anywhere across Scotland with his dedicated handler, Gary Carroll.

The pair are also part of a specialised UK International Search and Rescue (UKISAR) team which can be mobilised across the world at a moments’ notice.

They assisted at the devastating Nepal earthquake which sadly claimed the lives of thousands of people and injured countless others.

It is therefore vital that Diesel – who can travel by helicopter to carry out search and rescue missions across Scotland or abroad -  is kitted out with protective equipment.

The doggles help to shield his eyes from dust and debris thrown up by landing and hovering aircraft while the special booties protect his paws from rubble and glass as he searches collapsed buildings.

SFRS K9 handler Gary is a Crew Manager based at Portlethen, Aberdeenshire.

He said: “We are a single service providing an unrestricted response to emergencies occurring anywhere in Scotland - and beyond - if requested to assist.

“Diesel and I have worked together for many years in some of the most challenging environments, and there is no doubt whatsoever that he is integral to that response.

“We have an incredible bond and he is a very special wee dog – and to the point where we think he really does deserve his own dedicated online account.

“It will provide everyone with a real insight into not only how he is trained and his serious capability but also how he likes to spend some down time playing with his ball.”

Follow Diesel on twitter by searching @SFRSdog

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