Firefighters and Police issue warning after spate of wilful fireraising incidents in Aberdeen

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Firefighters were called to eleven incidents of apparent wilful fireraising in the Torry and Northfield areas of the city over the weekend

The Scottish Fire and Rescue Service are working closely with Police Scotland after several bins were set alight in Aberdeen over the weekend.

Firefighters were called to eleven incidents of apparent wilful fireraising in the Torry and Northfield areas of the city. This follows a spate of deliberate fires in the areas over the past few weeks.

Enquires are continuing and anyone with any further information regarding such incidents are asked to contact the police.

Station Manager Gordon Riddel said: “Deliberate fires risk lives and those who set them often have no idea how they will develop or who will be affected.

“A fire is out of control from the moment it begins and flames, heat and smoke can all kill.

“What begins as a small fire involving rubbish can potentially spread rapidly to homes and businesses, with the toxic smoke also polluting the local atmosphere and threatening people in the vicinity.”

He added: “Even if a fire stays small, putting it out means at least one of our crews would be unavailable to respond if a real emergency happened at the same time.

“When someone is trapped in a house fire or after a serious collision on the road it’s absolutely vital firefighters can quickly get to them.

“People who start fires need to ask how they would feel if someone was killed or suffered horrific injury because other firefighters had to be sent from further away to cover for those dealing with a needless incident.”

Police Scotland Inspector Jason Carrigan who is based at the Community Safety Partnership Hub , said: "It is disappointing that SFRS and Police Scotland had to deal with these fires over the weekend. 

Although this might seem like fun to those who set the fires, the consequences can be catastrophic. The fires divert our services from genuine emergencies, potentially putting lives at risk. Those people that set the fires will also land themselves with a criminal record when they are caught.

"Over the coming weeks I would urge parents to be more aware of where their children are going and what they are up and educate them on the dangers of setting fires. 

“Our partners Streetsport will also be running more diversionary activities over the next few weeks that young people can get involved in, especially between Halloween and 5th November. 

The overwhelming majority of young people that live in our communities are responsible and know the dangers of setting fires.  I would encourage anyone with information on these incidents or those that put lives at risk by setting fires to contact the Police on 101 or if you wish to remain anonymous contact Crimestoppers on 0800 555111."

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