Crews extinguish wildfire at Kilpatrick Hills near Clydebank

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Firefighters worked with hand-held beaters and used a footpath as a firebreak.

SFRS name line on appliance

Firefighters extinguished a large wildfire in the Kilpatrick Hills near Clydebank on Sunday afternoon (20 March).

The incident involved around half-a-mile of grassland and Scottish Fire and Rescue Service (SFRS) crews worked for over an hour to bring it under control using hand-held beaters.

Watch Manager Stephen McNab, the incident commander, said: “A large area of hillside was involved and firefighting operations were made harder by the prevailing winds.

“Using a footpath as a natural firebreak successfully stopped the fire around a mile from the roadway, which allowed our crews to surround it and concentrate on extinguishing hot spots.”

With the fire put safely out SFRS personnel left the scene shortly after 3pm.

Many wildfires are started deliberately or are due to careless, reckless or irresponsible behaviour.

The public can help prevent wildfires by making sure they dispose of litter and smoking materials carefully while in rural areas.

Anyone who sees someone acting suspiciously, recklessly or irresponsibly in the countryside should contact Police Scotland on 101 or pass information anonymously to Scotland Crimestoppers on 0800 555 111.

There are a number of things land managers can do to help prevent wildfires, including strict adherence to the Muirburn Code, which applies to the controlled burning of heather within the permitted season.

Further advice is available on the Your Safety section of the SFRS website,, where links can be found to both the Muirburn Code and the Scottish Outdoor Access Code.

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