Firefighters help Fort William youngsters understand road risks

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The emergency responders shared their experience of attending serious collisions and taught the young people how to perform CPR

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Firefighters in Fort William ran a road safety seminar to help young drivers avoid tragedies.

Scottish Fire and Rescue Service (SFRS) crews are frequently called to collisions in the Highlands and know all too well the devastating effects of things going wrong on the road.

They are determined to raise awareness of dangers to help young motorists reduce the chance they will experience an emergency.

Group Manager Pat McElhinney organised the event. He said: “Many of the road traffic incidents in the Highlands involve young drivers and the effects can be devastating for them and their families.

“By taking a proactive approach we are able to educate young people who have just passed their test, those starting to take lessons and those who want to become drivers over the next few years.”

He added: “It’s important every motorist understands things can go wrong in an instant and makes sure they never put themselves or others at needless risk.

“It can happen to absolutely anyone – no matter how much experience we have behind the wheel.

“Understanding that and choosing to behave responsibly on the road makes it much less likely someone will be involved in a serious incident.”

Firefighters shared their experiences of responding to road traffic collisions and discussed hazards drivers can encounter.

To further equip the youngsters to make a difference, the SFRS crews also provided them with training in how to perform CPR and potentially save the life of someone suffering a cardiac arrest.

SFRS crews are ready to help people throughout Scotland gain the skills and confidence that could prevent a tragedy.

Every fire station in the country has been given a CPR demonstration kit, which includes a mannequin and instructional DVD donated by the British Heart Foundation.

Anyone who would like to learn CPR is encouraged to contact their local fire station.

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