A Thank You Prayer for Retained Firefighters

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Rothes Community Fire Station has received a surprise ‘Thank You from Above’ … delivered to the Moray Station was a letter from the local minister, Reverend Bob Anderson.

Watch Commander Andy Cameron found an envelope embossed with the Rothes Parish crest. Inside there was Prayer to God – to say thank you for the services of the Retained Firefighters.

‘Rev Bob’ has been the local minister for around 20 years. The same length of time that WC Cameron has served his community as a retained firefighter - he will mark his 20-year milestone next May.

WC Cameron balances his retained duties alongside his family and a full-time job as a distillery and bottling hall production manager for the local Glen Grant distillery.

The Rothes Community Fire Station serves around 1,700 people. They arrange many charity events such as taking ‘Santa’ out in the fire engine to meet excited school children.

WC Cameron said: “At Christmas the children love to see Santa in the fire engine but we’ve been unable to hold many events this year.

“It’s the first time we’ve had a letter like that. Maybe it’s came about because of the year it’s been. It was quite heart-warming to read it. Rev Bob is a well-respected man in the community. For him to think about us, and to take the time to do this, was a lovely gesture."

From the Rev Bob Anderson:

Father God,

Thank you for the Retained Firefighters and staff of the Scottish Fire and Rescue Service in Upper Speyside. We give thanks for:

  • Their dedication to rigorous training and preparation so that they can serve their communities in a wide variety of ways.
  • Their readiness to respond to all kinds of emergencies including dangerous grass fires where without their knowledge and experiences they could become trapped.
  • The urgency with which they attend fires and emergencies in buildings and houses, the skill with which they bring these situations under control, the attention and support that they give to people directly affected by fires and emergencies and the carefulness in the steps they take to ensure everyone has been safely accounted for.
  • Their ability to handle emergencies in many different situations – on farms, chemical accidents, on rivers, in built-up areas, in factories and community facilities and many more – affecting people and animals.
  • Their response to traffic accidents and the harrowing and extreme situations they sometimes encounter and respond with professionalism and humanity.
  • The work they do in educating the people on safety.

May they know our respect and appreciation and may your light shine upon them through Jesus Christ our Lord who loves and reigns forever, AMEN

Rev Bob Anderson

Parish Minister Knockando, Elchies & Archiestown linked with Rothes.