Staycation advice for campers for a Safer Summer 2020

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Here in Scotland, we boast some of the most stunning scenery in the UK – we’d really appreciate your help to keep it that way.

Warmer weather and the increased numbers of people visiting the countryside creates a greater risk of fire.

The Scottish Fire and Rescue Service's Deputy Assistant Chief Officer Alasdair Perry said: "Camping is something that lots of people enjoy each summer in Scotland and as lockdown restrictions ease many will be eager to get outdoors and rightly enjoy the stunning countryside in which we live once again.

"We always want people to stay safe and have a good experience.

“Tents are susceptible to fire which can take hold very quickly. Using stoves or other cooking and heating equipment in tents could endanger lives not only from fire but also as a result of a build-up of Carbon Monoxide so we’d remind campers not to smoke or cook within tents and use torches instead of candles.

"If barbecuing or considering a camp fire, where these are allowed, never leave it unattended, ensure it is well away from anything to which it could spread and keep children and pets away from the cooking area. Avoid alcohol if you are in charge of preparing the food.

“Do not dispose of ashes until they are cold to the touch as hot ashes can melt a plastic bin causing fire. Wherever possible, they should always be doused with water prior to leaving them unattended. The danger of wildfire is very real in Scotland.

“An important point to remember is that even cold barbecues or fuelled appliances can still give off Carbon Monoxide for some time after use therefore they should always be kept outside.

“Gas barbecues should be used in a well ventilated area.

“Remember to keep your area tidy and always clear up litter when done. Whist we all wish to keep our country beautiful, litter can seriously injure wildlife and items such as glass bottles in strong sunlight have the potential to start a fire.

"In addition to all this, if people are spending more time outdoors near waterways please be aware of the risks around cold water shock to prevent avoidable tragedies."

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