Firefighters rescue curious fox cub stuck in steel wheel rim

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FIREFIGHTERS in Glasgow rescued a young fox after it got its head stuck in an old wheel.

Crews from Amber Watch at Knightswood Community Fire Station were called to the city’s Tabard Place on Saturday night at 9.46pm to find that the curious cub had become completely stuck inside the steel centre ring of the wheel.

Not to be outfoxed, the crew used hydraulic cutting equipment that is normally used to free casualties involved in road traffic collisions to free the canid in less than an hour.

The fox appeared to be uninjured, and was allowed to run free after being released.

Karla Stevenson is the Station Commander for Knightswood Community Fire Station.

She said: “This was certainly one of the more odd ones that we have heard about or seen, and a surprisingly tricky operation to carry out safely.

“Crews had to work to prevent harm to the animal, while also ensuring they weren't harmed by a scared and frightened fox.

“They showed great skill in using the hydraulic cutting equipment to free the fox safely, ensuring that a member of the public didn’t put themselves or the fox in danger by attempting their own rescue.

“Well done to Crew Commander Alan Rodgers and his crew.”