Safety reminder for Edinburgh Festival visitors

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The festival runs from 4-28 August

Edfringefest 2017

The Scottish Fire and Rescue Service will be working to ensure this year’s Edinburgh Fringe Festival is a safe and enjoyable experience.

The Festival, which kicks off on Friday, August 4, will see tens of thousands of visitors due to arrive in The Capital.

SFRS officers are keen to highlight a number of safety messages to help keep you safe during your stay in Scotland.

David Girrity is Group Manager for Prevention and Protection in Edinburgh.

He said: "It is the busiest time of the year in Edinburgh and we hope that everyone has a fun and safe experience throughout the festival.

“Our prevention and protection officers have been working with Edinburgh Council’s Public Safety Team prior to the festival making sure all venues have been inspected and are deemed safe.

“There will be continued venue inspections throughout the festival.”

SFRS would also like to take the opportunity to remind anyone looking after visitors during the Festival to pay special heed to our fire safety guidance to help protect themselves, their guests and their property from the potentially devastating effects of fire.

Group Manager Girrity said: “We want all our visitors to remember our key fire safety advice so they can enjoy their time here safely.  Ensure you know the fire safety arrangements and escape routes of any accommodation you are staying in, including buildings you are visiting.

“Make sure there is at least one working smoke alarm on each level of the accommodation you are staying in.”

Anyone who thinks they – or someone they know – could benefit from a FREE home fire safety visit should contact SFRS.

The short visits can be arranged by calling the freephone number 0800 073 1999, by texting ‘FIRE’ to 80800.

More information on visitor fire safety is available on our website

The Festival runs from 4 - 28 August.  For more information go to