Don't mix cooking and alcohol on National Fish and Chips Day

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The Scottish Fire and Rescue Service is asking people to celebrate National Fish & Chip day safely - and avoid cooking under the influence of alcohol.

There are over 5000 accidental house fires in Scotland every year and cooking is the number one cause.

And many of the most serious fires which lead to injury or death are due to people cooking under the influence of alcohol.

Now the SFRS is encouraging people to avoid cooking when they get home from a night out.

Assistant Chief Officer David McGown, Director of Prevention and Protection, said: “The fact is that for many years cooking has been the number one cause of house fires in Scotland.

“Weekends are often a peak time for cooking fires, especially where someone is cooking under the influence of alcohol.  

“Our message is if you’re feeling hungry after a night out don’t cook, consider buying pre-cooked food or prepare a cold snack instead."

There’s another way to stay even safer - fit a heat alarm in your kitchen. 

These are specially designed for the kitchen and are not activated by smoke, preventing false alarms.  

ACO McGown added: “It only takes a moment of distraction, or falling asleep, for a fire in the home to start.  

“If you are cooking chips the best way to avoid having a chip pan fire is to use a thermostat controlled, electric deep fat fryer instead.

"Oven chips or microwaved chips are also a safer alternative.

“If you do use a chip pan and it catches fire, never try to move the pan and never throw water over the pan as it will react violently with the hot oil.  

“If the fire is well developed get out, stay out, dial 999.

“If the fire is in its early stages, and if it is safe to do so, turn off the heat.  Then get out of the kitchen, close the door and call the SFRS.”

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