Boat fire safety week

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Boat owners urged to make vital safety checks to protect against fire this season

Boat Fire

The SFRS has issued a call to action for boat owners to be aware of fire and carbon monoxide risks to help them stay safe this summer.

Over the past 20 years in the UK, a total of 30 boaters have been killed in boat fires and another 30 lost their lives to the ‘silent killer’ carbon monoxide.

During Boat Fire Safety Week which runs until June 4, firefighters will be talking to thousands of boat owners across the UK and handing out leaflets - alongside the Boat Safety Scheme - to alert people to the risks and help them protect themselves and their passengers.

Coinciding with the start of boating season, the message is that owners should understand the risks, make regular, basic checks, and follow their engine and appliance operating guidelines, as the essential steps to deal with fire and carbon monoxide threats.

Assistant Chief Officer of Prevention and Protection, David McGown, said: ““We want to assist boat owners wherever possible to help them identify the risks of fire and carbon monoxide release so that they are more aware of the significant dangers.

“By supporting boat fire safety week, we hope to reduce the number of casualties and fatalities in Scotland.

“We want people to enjoy the summer season and to be safe.”

Despite all efforts, should a fire break out or carbon monoxide escape, the critical factor will be the presence of suitable, working smoke and carbon monoxide alarms.

The SFRS Fire Safety on Boats leaflet provides tips on how to protect your boat and your crew from fire, what to do if a fire breaks out, and carbon monoxide safety.

Download a copy from the SFRS boat safety page. Many boatyards and marinas also have leaflets available.

For further information about general boat fire and carbon monoxide safety, visit