Positive performance report for Orkney

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Local Senior Officer (LSO) for Orkney, Fraser Burr, presented a performance report to the Police and Fire Sub-Committee on Tuesday, 7 February.

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Dedicated firefighters visited almost 100 homes across Orkney over the past three months to help residents stay safe.

They responded to 96 requests during October to December from local people asking to have smoke alarms checked or installed – and find out what to do in the event of a fire.

Of those Home Fire Safety Visits, 80 per cent were carried out at the homes of some of the most vulnerable people in need of assistance.

The figure was revealed by Local Senior Officer (LSO) for Orkney, Fraser Burr, when he presented a performance report to the Police and Fire Sub-Committee on Tuesday, 7 February.

LSO Burr said: “I am pleased with this figure as it is clear that we are working hard with all our partners to ensure we are actively targeting the most vulnerable.

“There is a clear link between fire-related casualties and accidental dwelling fires and that is why we make such a concerted effort in the provision of the Free Home Fire Safety Visits – to reduce the impact of fire within the home and the potential for injury.”

The LSO added: “It is a fact that smoke alarms alert householders to the occurrence of fire earlier than would otherwise be the case. As a result, a significant number of casualties do not require hospital treatment and properties are protected from smoke and fire damage.

“Having adequate fire detection in place is crucial but householders can’t afford to ignore the risks because they have smoke alarms installed.

"We continue to work with our partners to ensure those who are most at risk or vulnerable from fire or harm in the home are identified and that appropriate risk reduction measures are put in place.  These targeted approaches will continue to develop and improve as we move forward.”

To arrange a free Home Fire Safety visit contact SFRS on the freephone number 0800 073 1999, by texting ‘FIRE’ to 80800 or by filling in a form at www.firescotland.gov.uk

The SFRS continue to attend at special service incidents which includes road traffic collisions and flooding.

LSO Burr said: “We will continue our contribution towards improving road safety through education in a bid to reduce these types of incidents. We remain a key partner in events, which aim to improve driver behaviour and enhance the safety of young people and road users respectively.

“We have delivered road safety activities in the area including Driving Ambition and Safer Islander.  These events have a focused message of road safety and target key groups.

“Our resources were also used during the storms as part of a multi-agency commitment.”

Responses to, and attendance at Unwanted Fire Alarms Signals (UFAS) have seen a reduction.

LSO Burr said: “It is pleasing to note the reduction and we will continue to offer guidance. There has been responsible attitude towards reducing these incidents by duty holders in the Orkney area. 

“We will continue to engage and work with local partners to reduce activity in this area.”