Little Macie converts wheelchair into SFRS appliance for Halloween

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Deputy Chief Officer Alex Clark praises 'outstanding' costume and says five-year-old is a credit to her community

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Firefighters in Easterhouse had a helping hand this Halloween – from a little schoolgirl.

Macie McCann, aged five, dressed up as a fire engine and went off to her local drama group to pass on some fire safety tips.

Macie has Cerebral Palsy, a condition which affects muscle control and movement.

But her Granny Jo McCann gave her wheelchair a makeover by turning it into a Scottish Fire and Rescue Service appliance – complete with blue flashing lights.

Deputy Chief Officer Alex Clark praised her efforts and said: “I was absolutely delighted to learn that Macie chose to dress up as a firefighter for Hallowe’en.

“Thanks also must go to her grandmother Jo for creating an outstanding replica model of one of our appliances.

“It was a fantastic effort from both and I am confident that they were greeted with affection at homes throughout their community.

“It certainly brought a smile to my face, to know that there are young people out there who appreciate the work that our firefighters do.

“We are presently working hard to ensure that everyone has a safe and enjoyable Bonfire Night by attending professionally organised and family-friendly firework displays.

“Macie is a credit to her family and to her local community.”