Man rescued after car and bus crash in Motherwell

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Three people were taken to hospital following the collision

Firefighters rescued a man trapped in a car involved in a collision with a bus.

Scottish Fire and Rescue Service crews used hydraulic cutting equipment to remove the roof from the vehicle and free the injured motorist following the crash in Motherwell.

Paramedics treated him inside the car while firefighters worked to create the space needed to lift him clear.

After being safely released he was taken to Wishaw General Hospital by ambulance.

The incident in Ladywell Road happened around 11:30am Tuesday, 13 September and fire engines from Motherwell, Bellshill and Hamilton were scrambled in response.

While firefighters and paramedics worked to rescue the trapped motorist, ambulance personnel also tended to five other people at the scene.

Of these five a woman and a second man were taken to hospital for precautionary check-ups.

Firefighters made the scene safe before leaving the incident in the control of police officers around 12:30pm.