The greatest asset of the SFRS – its people.

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We need "people like you" - it is that simple.




Director of People and Organisational Development, Diane Vincent is responsible for the wellbeing and professional development of the greatest asset of the SFRS - its people.


Diane said: “I have worked with the Fire and Rescue sector for over 10 years and as with many public sector organisations I have seen a lot of change take place over that time. 


“However, one thing that has remained constant is our ambition and aspiration to attract and recruit people who are representative of the communities that we serve. 


“We have made some progress in this respect but we have found it difficult to break down the societal stereotypes of the Firefighter role and too many times we hear the expression ‘I didn’t think you would be interested in people like me’.


“So now - as we prepare for the launch of our next WDS FF recruitment campaign - we DO need “people like you” to help us move closer towards realising our ambition of a more diverse workforce.


“The Scottish Fire and Rescue Service values workforce diversity, not just because of our commitment to tackling inequalities or our belief that our work environment should be free of discrimination on any grounds - but because we truly believe that a workforce that represents the diversity of Scotland means that we can provide even better services to each and every one of our communities.


“In other words we need “people like you”– it is that simple. I would encourage you to have a look at our website and attend one of our information days


“If you have not considered a career with the Scottish Fire and Rescue Service before perhaps it is time to think again …”