Man rescued after falling down ravine

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Firefighters use safety line to winch the man to safety after incident on the River Clyde

SFRS Rope Rescue Team WC Scott Smith

Scottish Fire and Rescue Service (SFRS) water rescue teams winched a man to safety after he slipped down a ravine in Motherwell this afternoon (February 12).

Johnstone Control received a 999 call at around 1.45pm reporting that a man had fallen close to a viaduct over the banks of the River Clyde close to Herald Grove.

Water rescue teams from Motherwell Fire Station were immediately sent out and arrived to find the man uninjured but lodged on a slope 10ft up from the nearest pathway. Firefighters used a nine metre ladder to gain access to the man before winching him onto the path with a safety line.

Scottish Ambulance Service crews checked the man over at the scene but he sustained no injuries.