Road rescue in Hamilton

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A woman was released from a van after a collision with a car on Sunday.

Firefighters used hydraulic rescue equipment to free a woman from a van involved in a collision in Hamilton on Sunday evening (16 August).

Scottish Fire and Rescue Service crews were sent to Hillhouse Road in response to a 999 call made at 5:40pm; the two appliances from Hamilton Community Fire Station reached the scene five minutes after they were mobilised.

Watch Manager John Simm, the incident commander, said: “The collision involved a van and a car and resulted in one person being trapped.

“Firefighters immediately moved to stabilise the vehicles and we used hydraulic cutting equipment to create the space needed to safely release the woman from the van.

“She was tended to by paramedics inside the vehicle and on their instruction we helped lift her clear on a rescue board.”

The woman was moved to a waiting ambulance and taken to Hairmyres Hospital. Two other casualties were assessed by paramedics at the scene and a second woman was also taken to the hospital by ambulance.