Successful Cut It Out event in Glenrothes

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The event was held on Saturday 20 June


Members of the public attended the interactive Cut It Out event in Glenrothes on Saturday (20 June).


Along with our partners from Glenrothes Neighbourhood Safety Group, Fife Community Safety Partnership, and The Kingdom Shopping Centre, the live demonstration, complete with real vehicles, showed how all emergency services work together on road collisions to save lives and encourage road safety. 


The aim of Cut It Out was to raise awareness locally of road safety and to focus on the effects of driving behaviours in drivers and passengers.

Professionals from the Scottish Fire and Rescue Service, Police Scotland and the Scottish Ambulance Service talked through their involvement in the ‘live’ staged accident with the public witnessing the scene often faced by our emergency responders.

Station Manager Graham Arnott said: “Our Cut It Out event was well attended and I would like to thank everyone who made the effort to attend. I hope the event highlighted the consequences of road traffic collisions and how they affect families of those involved as well.

“Things can very quickly go wrong for any motorist no matter how much experience we have behind the wheel. Every driver can make a difference and by understanding the risks, staying aware of the conditions and choosing to drive responsibly we can all help keep ourselves, our passengers and other road users safe.”

"The message to young people is to enjoy the freedom and independence that driving gives you. It is also important to raise their awareness of the risks and responsibilities associated with driving because the last thing SFRS and their partners want is a young driver to become another terrible statistic.


"By illustrating the real life experiences of the emergency services and those directly involved in road traffic collisions, I hope the Cut It Out event has made our young people more aware of the risks and help to reduce the number of deaths and injuries on our roads."


Volunteers from Glenrothes and Levenmouth District Explorers played the casualties in the cars. One of the casualties Mark Priessmar said: “The Emergency Services did really well and made sure I was ok all the way through.”

Casualty Kieran MacKinlay said: I was nervous about being the trapped casualty but I felt I was in good hands.”