Crews tackling gorse fire at Daviot Wood, near Inverness

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An appliance from Inverness and the city's all-terrain vehicle are at the scene of the fire

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Scottish Fire and Rescue Service is currently dealing with a gorse fire in an area within Daviot Wood, near Inverness.

The call was received by control at 3.34pm this afternoon (22 April) and an appliance from Inverness was sent to the scene along with the ATV (all-terrain vehicle).

Firefighters are currently tackling the fire, which is in an area measuring 50m x 50m, with a high pressure lance, knapsack sprayers and fire beaters.

The operation is ongoing at this time.

Scottish Fire and Rescue Service (SFRS) and the Scottish Wildfire Forum are urging tourists and communities to Join Scotland’s Fight Against Fire and help reduce the number of wildfires by thinking about their actions whilst within rural environment.

Scottish Fire and Rescue Service attend a number of wildfire incidents across Scotland each year and are often assisted by land managers, who provide specialist firefighting equipment (including fogging units and all-terrain vehicles) and pay for helicopter support where appropriate.

We are now well into that time of year when the risk of wildfire is at its highest and SFRS is already working closely with land managers and appealing to tourists and communities to help reduce the number fires in a bid to protect the countryside and its residents.

The demand on SFRS and land manager resources during wildfire season can be significant and it is hoped that raised awareness will help reduce that demand.

SFRS and SWF are reminding the public to be extra careful during this period of heightened risk and not to carelessly dispose of smoking materials, ensure BBQs are properly extinguished and try to avoid setting campfires.

The public are urged to call 999 if they see what they believe to be a wildfire with no obvious signs of people managing it.