Aberdeen fire officer's reminder about danger of setting grass fires

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A number of grass fires have been extinguished in past few days and Station Manager Gordon Riddel keen to point out risk to public, properties and the environment.

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Scottish Fire and Rescue Service (SFRS) is issuing a reminder about the dangers of deliberately setting grass fires following a number of incidents across Aberdeen in the past few days.

SFRS has attended grass fires in the Hazlehead, Northfield and Cummings Park areas of the city, some of which had the potential to develop into more serious fires.

Areas like Hazlehead are particularly susceptible to fire spread due to the fact that the grassy areas there are close to woodland and nature trails.

Station Manager Gordon Riddel said: “We would like to remind everyone about the dangers involved in deliberate fire setting, particularly in areas like Hazlehead. Many people like walking in that area and there is also a risk to animals, birds and the environment.

“In the other areas it is often properties which are at risk and consequently people’s safety. We would remind parents in particular to know where their children are and that they remind them of the serious consequences of fire setting.”

He added: "Deliberate fires draw fire service resources away from other serious and potentially life threatening incidents. Fire setting is an offence – don’t accept it, report it."

More information is available on the SFRS website