Fire in Carluke restaurant

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No-one was hurt in the South Lanarkshire incident.

SFRS name line on appliance

Firefighters from Carluke, Lanark and Larkhall tackled a blaze at a restaurant in Carluke’s Carnwath Road on Friday afternoon (27 March).

No-one was hurt as a result of the incident but the building sustained significant damage from fire and smoke.

Scottish Fire and Rescue Service (SFRS) crews were mobilised in response to a 999 call made shortly before 4:55pm and they reached the incident around seven minutes later to find an already well-developed fire in the ground floor kitchen.

The fire was able to spread through voids in the structure and the officer in charge requested a third appliance to assist his team as they worked to bring the flames under control.

Eight firefighters in breathing apparatus used four high pressure jets to extinguish the fire and a positive pressure ventilation fan to clear smoke from the property.

The SFRS crews checked for hidden fire spread by using a thermal imaging camera and extensively cutting away inside the structure before handing the premises back to the control of the occupier around 9:30pm.

While this incident took place within a restaurant, kitchen fires are also the most common starting point for fires within homes.

Householders can help protect their properties and everyone in them by ensuring they would get early warning if a fire did start, with working smoke alarms installed on every floor of the home.

As an added measure of protection, residents should also consider installing heat alarms in their kitchens, as these devices also provide early warning of fire but will not activated by smoke produced as a result of cooking.