Safe Drive Stay Alive roadshow in Stirling next week

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Come along to our evening performance on 5 February at 7pm. Tickets are free and can be reserved by calling the MacRobert Box office on 01786 466 666.


The Safe Drive Stay Alive road show returns to the MacRobert Art Centre, Stirling next week with over 4000 school pupils benefiting from a production which aims to reduce the number of casualties amongst young people.

In 2007, in a bid to cut the number of incidents, injuries and deaths on the area’s roads, the fire and rescue and police services teamed-up as the Central Scotland Road Safety Partnership, launching the Safe Drive Stay Alive initiative.

This annual event delivers thought-provoking messages to young drivers by demonstrating in realistic terms the potentially lethal consequences should they fail to understand and accept their responsibilities when getting behind the wheel of a car.

The Safe Drive Stay Alive Roadshow gives first-hand accounts of the devastation a road crash can bring to a family are given by victims of accidents and surviving family members. With some of the country’s most scenic rural routes, emergency services operating in the Stirling, Falkirk and Clackmannanshire know as well as any the horrific consequences of careless and irresponsible driving.  

Watch Manager Alan Faulds said: “Central Safe Drive has been showcasing its annual road safety show called Safe Drive Stay Alive since 2007.  The show is delivered to 4th year and above pupils from all the high schools within the Forth valley area. It comprises of a film depicting a typical road collision where young people are involved, including driver distraction, bad driving practices and peer pressure.  Interspersed within the film, real emergency service workers go on stage to explain their role in the aftermath of the accident.

“Post-accident footage is then followed up by real life family members of people who have had their lives dramatically changed by a road traffic collision.  Their testimonies are hard hitting and can be very emotive to the audience sharing their very serious and long lasting experiences of irresponsible driving.

“Central Safe Drive is a collaborative work that is attended and driven by all the emergency services as well as inputs from Central FM, the Red Cross who all volunteer their services.  Statistics show that road deaths and injuries have fallen over the seven years the show has been running which proves that early intervention and education can produce positive results.”

It is a multi-agency initiative with representatives from Scottish Fire and Rescue Service, Police Scotland, Scottish Ambulance Service, NHS, local authorities and their relevant Community Safety Partnerships assisting with organisation and delivery of the event.

This year the Safe Drive Stay Alive roadshows run from 2-6 February with a special evening performance on 5 February at 7pm.  The evening performance is for those who have young and emerging drivers in their family and to give you a chance to see the show and help us to promote our safe drive message.

All 5th and 6th year pupils will attend a daytime performance throughout the week.

Tickets are free and can be reserved by calling the MacRobert Box office on 01786 466 666. We need you to help encourage positive driving behaviours.

Advice on how to stay safe on the roads is available at

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