Road rescue in Argyll and Bute

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A man was released from a pick-up truck after a collision with a coach near Dunbeg.

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Firefighters used hydraulic cutting equipment to rescue a driver trapped following a collision between a coach and a pick-up truck in Argyll and Bute this morning (Friday 30 January).

Appliances were mobilised from Oban Community Fire Station in response to a 999 call reporting the incident on the A85 near Dunbeg shortly after 8:10am.

The incident commander, Crew Manager John Sweeney, said: “A casualty was physically trapped inside the pick-up truck and both the ambulance and police services were in attendance.

“Both our wholetime and retained crews worked well to ensure he was safely released and we used hydraulic rescue equipment to remove the drivers’ door.

“We took guidance from the ambulance personnel on the nature of any injuries but he was able to step out of the vehicle and was then transported to Lorne and Islands General Hospital.”

Emergency responders frequently attend the scene of collisions on the roads and winter weather increases the risks of motorists experiencing an incident.

Ice and surface water increase stopping distances and can cause drivers to lose control of their vehicles, while bright sun low on the horizon or reflected from surfaces can dazzle drivers or cause reduced visibility,

Station Manager Martin Hill, the commanding officer at Oban, said: “Things can go wrong in an instant and it really can happen to anyone, no matter how much driving experience we have.

“Whenever collisions happen emergency responders will do everything they can to save lives, but the fact is we see too many tragedies on the roads and the dangers are greater at this time of year and in rural communities.

“It’s important all motorists make sure they’re driving at a safe speed that’s not only within the limit but also takes account of the prevailing weather conditions we have at this time.”

Further advice on how motorists can stay safe this winter is available from Transport Scotland at