An SFRS statement on the fire at the Mackintosh Building

Publish Date:

Redacted copy of the Fire Investigation report made available.

Since the fire at the Mackintosh Building in Glasgow on Friday 23 May officers from our Fire Investigation Unit have worked to establish the circumstances surrounding the incident.
This process began while crews were involved in firefighting operations and progressed over the following months, with the purpose of finding the origin and cause of the fire as well as any significant contributory factors.
It involved methodical work at the scene carried out by the unit’s specialist officers and included subsequent interviews to gather witness statements. The production of the fire investigation report marks the completion of this process.
In the six months since this incident took place there has been an incredible amount of appreciation shown for the firefighters’ efforts to save the building and its contents from complete destruction.
We would like to again express our sincere thanks to everyone who has been in touch and once more convey our very best wishes to the staff and students – both past and present – who were impacted by the fire.

A redacted copy of the report is available by clicking on this link.