DiversiFIRE completes 100th course

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The programme has been running in Fife since 2006.

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Over the past nine years 506 young people have successfully completed the course since it first launched in 2006.

DiversiFIRE is a youth engagement programme which works with vulnerable young people identified through the education and social work systems.

Group Manager Steven Michie said: “Working with young people we can raise awareness and challenge attitudes to fire safety and other forms of anti-social behaviour”.

The DiversiFIRE programme was set up to target the increasing number of secondary fire setting and malicious false alarm calls being made by young people across Fife.  The programme engages with young people aged between 12-16 years by raising their awareness of anti-social behaviour including fire and community safety issues.

As well as developing physical stamina and attainment amongst the participants this mechanism aims to encourage positive social behaviour by using the fire service activities and group work education to foster team work, raise confidence and self- esteem, increase problem solving skills and personal motivation.

The DiversiFIRE programme is a Fife wide initiative which was initially set up as a 12 month pilot study funded by the former Fife Fire and Rescue Service, community safety partnership and social work department.  The programme allows participants to experience basic fire service tasks such as team building, first aid, hose running, ladder climbing, and community fire safety activities.

All activities incorporate a fire safety message and endorse a strong group work component which aims to challenge the participant’s consequences of behaviour prior to coming onto the programme and monitor progress through the duration of the course.

Group Manager Michie said: “It has been an exciting nine years for all involved in the DiversiFIRE and I would like to congratulate all of our young “DiversiFIRER’s” who have taken part so far.”