Perth and Kinross fire and rescue plan approved

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Local Fire and Rescue Plan approved for Perth & Kinross as house fires at five year low.

SFRS name line on appliance

The Scottish Fire and Rescue Service today revealed that there were no fatalities as a result of fire in Perth and Kinross during 2013/14.

Local Senior Officer for Perth and Kinross, Dave Stapley, was in Perth to present the service’s final quarter report to members of the Community Safety Committee who routinely scrutinise local performance.

The report also highlighted a continued significant reduction in the number of house fires in the area, from 121 in 2012/13 to 105 in 2013/14, which was the lowest on record for the area in the last five years. The number of “other primary fires” (fires involving disused buildings, businesses and vehicles, etc) also fell from 144 to 137 and deliberate primary fires were down from 35 to 33.

Another pleasing aspect of the report was the fact that the number of deliberate secondary fires that typically involve items such as discarded rubbish, wheelie bins and grassland and are often associated with anti-social behaviour in our communities had not increased compared to the previous year, with 76 incidents reported in both periods. This figure is well below the three year average of 118 and was the same as last year and equalled the lowest in the last 5 years.

Local Senior Officer Dave Stapley said: “Whilst we will never be complacent it is pleasing to note that no one lost their life as a result of fire in Perth and Kinross in 2013/14.

“We continue to work closely with partner agencies to ensure our prevention and protection message reaches as many people as possible.

“The national Join Scotland’s Fight Against Fire campaign, which is ongoing, has also been successful in delivering high profile educational messages about fire prevention and safety through websites, media outlets, TV adverts and social networking channels.

“When you combine that with the numerous multi-agency home safety initiatives we are involved in across Perth and Kinross, it supports our shared aim to build on this through working together and further enhance the safety of our communities.”

SFRS in Perth and Kinross continued to deliver a large number of free Home Fire Safety Visits with 4,373 in 2013/14, which is still above the three year average of 4,329.

Group Manager for Perth and Kinross, Rab Middlemiss, attended the scrutiny committee with LSO Stapley and he said: “Proportionately more Home Fire Safety Visits continue to be delivered within this area of Scotland than anywhere else during this year. We intend to continue to deliver comparatively more visits locally during 2014/15, whilst having an increasingly risk based and outcome focused service delivery strategy incorporating a wider ‘Home Safety’ theme with our partners.

“Many of these visits will be undertaken with key local partners such as Perth & Kinross Council’s Community Safety Wardens, Community Safety Volunteers and Police Scotland’s Local Community Officers to prevent duplication and promote joined up services, primarily delivered where there is an identified need.”

He added: “If you have not already signed up for one please don’t hesitate get in touch with the Scottish Fire and Rescue Service today. If you do not have a smoke alarm fitted in your property we will provide one free of charge.”

Earlier during the meeting the Local Fire and Rescue Plan for 2014 – 17 was approved by the Committee. The Plan provides the strategic direction for local service delivery over the next three years and elected members commended the extensive consultation and engagement that had been carried out with Convener Douglas Pover commenting, “What we have in Perth and Kinross is a Local Fire and Rescue Plan that truly does reflect our local voice and conditions which has been clearly developed in partnership. I’d like to thank the Local Senior Officer and his team who assisted in that process.”

For further information about how to arrange a free Home Fire Safety Visit please go to our website, call 0800 0731 999 or text "Check" to 61611 from your mobile phone.