Woman rescued from Glasgow crash

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Firefighters, paramedics and police officers respond to crash in the Southside.

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Three people were taken to hospital after a two-car collision in the Southside of Glasgow on Tuesday evening (25 March).

Firefighters used hydraulic cutting equipment to rescue an elderly woman who was trapped following the crash on Monreith Road in the city’s Newlands district.

The incident, which took place around 5:50pm, saw two Scottish Fire and Rescue Service (SFRS) appliances mobilised in response to a call from Police Scotland officers who were at the scene.

Station Manager Stephen Carson said: “Crews from Castlemilk Community Fire Station reached the incident within five minutes and worked closely with police and ambulance colleagues to ensure the safety of the casualties as well as the wider public.

“Our firefighters used their specialist road rescue skills to quickly and safely release a woman who was trapped inside one of the vehicles. She was treated by paramedics before being taken to hospital.

“Ambulance crews also tended to a second elderly woman and a man who were involved in the collision and they were both also taken to hospital for precautionary check-ups.”

Firefighters are frequently called to the scene of incidents on Scotland’s roads, where their trauma care, casualty handling and road rescue skills are needed to help people who have been injured or trapped.

Motorists can reduce the chance they will be involved in a collision by taking simple steps like leaving sufficient time to complete their journeys.

Station Manager Carson added: “When things go wrong on the road firefighters and our fellow emergency responders will do everything we can to get people to safety, but there are times when their skills and professionalism will not be enough.

“Every road user can help protect themselves and others. We should all consider the surface, weather and visibility conditions and make sure our vehicles are well maintained.

“Driving at a safe speed that’s inside the posted limit, leaving big enough gaps to stop if we suddenly need to, and giving ourselves enough time to safely get where we’re going are simple steps that make a big difference.”

Further advice on steps motorists can take to stay safe on the roads is available from Transport Scotland at www.transportscotland.gov.uk.