Garage fire in Keith has now been extinguished by SFRS

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One main jet still in use to dampen down area and acetylene cylinders have been cooled to safe levels

Keith Garage Fire 2

Scottish Fire and Rescue Service can confirm that a large garage fire at DC George garage in Keith has been successfully extinguished.

Over 35 firefighters were involved in the incident at its height, which was reported to Aberdeen Control at 8.52am this morning (21 January 2014).

One of the issues for firefighters at the scene of the fire, other than the blaze and the smoke, was the presence of acetylene cylinders. These have now been cooled to safe levels.

Incident Commander at the scene, Station Manager Shaun Burns, said: "Our crews did an excellent job today and put in a huge amount of effort to bring this fire under control.

"When we arrived and realised there were acetylene cylinders involved we had to tailor our response appropriately.

"We used ground monitors. This allowed us to have jets in place and keep firefighters at a safe distance to maximise safety.

"We also used two main jets to fight the fire at the front and rear of the garage.

"It became apparent that there was an oil tank at the rear of the premises so we had to use a cover jet to protect that from the fire."

He added: "The garage itself was standalone and therefore there was no risk to other properties in the area.

"The incident is now under control and our crews will remain at the scene and continue the damping down operation."