SFRS issue safety advice around wood burning stoves this festive season

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The Scottish Fire and Rescue Service receives a number of calls to this type of incident every year


During the winter months Scottish Fire and Rescue Service is issuing safety advice to householders regarding wood burning and solid fuel heating systems.

Every year, Scottish Fire and Rescue Service is called out to respond to a number of incidents involving these types of heating systems.

The Scottish Fire and Rescue Service website has a host of safety information which could prevent a fire in your home and the service is urging people to Join Scotland’s Fight Against Fire and visit the page.

SFRS Group Manager Rab Middlemiss said: “With the price of fuel constantly fluctuating it is understandable that many people will consider other alternatives to gas and electric.

“Wood burning stoves are becoming more and more popular, but we would just like to remind householders who have these types of heating systems that there are things you can do to ensure you are as safe as possible.

“Our website has a lot of information about wood burning and solid fuel heating systems as well as information about chimney safety. We would encourage people to take a moment and have a look at our advice.”

Chimneys and flues serving solid fuel appliances should be swept regularly. Check out the section on our website regarding chimneys and guidelines regarding the fuel which should be used.

Group Manager Middlemiss added: “Only use the fuel recommended by the solid fuel appliance manufacturer. Approved fuel lists are available from HETAS, Tel: 0845 634 5626 or visit Household refuse must not be burnt.

“We would also discourage the use of wet wood as it can cause a build-up in the flue and ultimately a chimney fire.”

The website address is /your-safety/winter-safety/wood-burningsolid-fuel-stoves.aspx