Aberdeen Station Manager urging community to remember December for right reasons

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Fire service is urging the public to join Scotland's Fight Against Fire and help create a #FireFreeAberdeen

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Firefighters in the Granite City are asking residents to join them in Scotland’s Fight Against Fire and help create a #FireFreeAberdeen.

Prevention and Protection officer for Aberdeen, Station Manager Mike Cordiner, is no stranger to the increased risk of fire during the festive season and is urging the public to “remember December for the all the right reasons.

He said: “Historically, December is the month we have more house fires than any other month of the year.

“It’s a time when even careful people can get caught out. Often there’s more drinking, Christmas lights are up, more candles are being used and more cooking is being done.

“Let’s remember December because you had a great time, not because you had the tragic experience of a house fire.”

The Aberdeen-based, senior firefighter is also urging people to support the Scottish Fire and Rescue Service’s Fight Against Fire campaign and to book a free Home Fire Safety Visit for themselves and for someone they know who may be elderly or vulnerable, whether it is a friend, relative or neighbour.

Station Manager Cordiner said: “We would much prefer to come and visit your home and sit down for 20 minutes or so discussing your options in the unlikely event a fire breaks out, rather than having to attend a serious fire at your property.

“We want to prevent fire from happening in the first place and by arranging a free Home Fire Safety Visit we can not only provide you with a smoke alarm if you don’t have one or it is not working, but also discuss other safety issues such as your fire escape plan should you ever need one.”

Mike added: “There are a number of things you can do to make yourself safer, particularly over the busy festive period.

“Make sure your smoke alarm is working and that any additional festive lighting meets appropriate electrical standards and is not overloading the supply.

“Don’t leave washing machines, tumble dryers, dishwashers or Christmas lighting on if you are leaving the house or going to bed. Normally if something does start to go faulty you will often get a smell of burning plastic or unusual noise coming from an appliance, which can be switched off and get checked out. If you’re not there the problem can escalate and a fire could quickly develop and cause substantial damage or threat to life.”

SFRS also advise members of the public to be extra vigilant in relation to the use of candles or cooking after a night out.

Mike said: “Make sure candles are in proper holders and kept away from anything that could be easily ignited. A candle has a naked flame which can start and spread a house fire very quickly.

“If under the influence of alcohol, drugs, or strong prescription drugs that may make you drowsy, refrain from using the oven, hob or grill.”

If you’re going out for a Christmas party and you know that you’ll be consuming more alcohol than normal:

  • Before going out, test the smoke alarm and switch off all electrical items that don’t need to be left on.
  • On the way home grab a take away instead of trying to cook something when you get back or leave something out that can be eaten cold or safely heated up in the microwave. 

Scottish Fire and Rescue Service is encouraging Twitter users in Aberdeen to spread the message and people are encouraged to use the hashtag #FireFreeAberdeen when posting messages with links to the SFRS webpage /your-safety/for-householders/home-fire-safety-visit.aspx

To arrange a free Home Fire Safety Visit for you, or someone you know who may be at risk:

Call 0800 0731 999;

Text “check” to 61611; or

There is a host of information available on the Scottish Fire and Rescue Service www.firescotland.gov.uk