Stay Safe This Bonfire Night with Falkirk Community Safety Team

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Fans of fireworks are being advised to stay safe this bonfire night by heading to their local organised event.

Falkirk Council’s Community Safety Team are encouraging people and communities to be responsible and attend the fireworks extravaganza at Falkirk’s Callendar Park on 5 November instead of organising community bonfires in their area.

The public are asked to remember that building and lighting a bonfire on land owned by Falkirk Council is illegal.

The Community Safety Team will be patrolling the Falkirk Council area from 31 October to 6 November, reporting on any bonfires before they can be lit and will work with Police Scotland and the Scottish Fire and Rescue Service to safely manage any they find that are already alight.

Councillor Jim Blackwood, spokesperson for Public Protection said: “Bonfires can get out of hand very easily. Illegal and unsupervised bonfires can be a risk to the community, especially to young people. They can cause damage to property and any materials that do not burn leave a mess behind that Falkirk Council staff then have to clean up.

“The more illegal bonfires the Community Safety Team can have removed prior to ignition, the safer our communities will be. We want to make sure there are fewer unnecessary incidents for the police and firefighters to attend.”

The Community Safety Team advises that wheelie bins are stored out of sight as they are seen as a prime target for fuel. The same advice goes for any items that may be stored in gardens that could be taken and set alight.

Stuart Stevens, Scottish Fire and Rescue Group Manager said: “Bonfire night is one of the busiest nights for The Scottish Fire and Rescue Service. We see an increase of calls to unsupervised bonfires which present a real risk to the public, property and wildlife. While we are attending unsafe or uncontrolled bonfires it could mean a critical delay in local fire crews attending a real life threatening emergency.

“I would encourage everyone to stay safe and support their local communities, by attending organised public fireworks displays.”

Trading Standards will also be out and about in the Falkirk Council area in the run up to the event, ensuring that all retailers selling fireworks are complying with health and safety regulations.

You can report any anti-social behaviour concerns in the run up to bonfire night or on the night itself by contacting the Antisocial Behaviour Helpline on 0808 100 3161.

If you would like to dispose of any stored items that could be burned, you can do so at Kinneil Kerse Recycling Centre in Bo’ness or Roughmute Recycling Centre in Bonnybridge. You can contact them on 01324 501100.

For more advice on how to stay safe you can visit the Scottish Fire & Rescue Service website