Scottish Fire and Rescue Service to stage multi-agency exercise near Dundee this weekend

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SFRS will test flood response procedures with Police Scotland, Scottish Ambulance Service, Tayside Mountain Rescue Team and others


Scottish Fire and Rescue Service is leading a multi-agency major incident exercise at Monikie Country Park, near Dundee on Saturday (26 October 2013).

The event, which SFRS is organising on behalf of Tayside Strategic Co-ordinating Group, aims to test multi-agency command and control, communication, co-ordination and response to an incident of severe flooding.

As part of Tayside Strategic Co-ordinating Group’s responsibilities under the Civil Contingencies Act agencies are duty bound to carry out such exercises to ensure they are best positioned to warn, inform and protect the public, property, infrastructure and business during a real major incident.

The event is a live play multi-agency event and will fully test emergency plans drafted by the Tayside Strategic Co-ordinating Group.

Around 10 agencies, including Police Scotland, Scottish Ambulance Service, Tayside Mountain Rescue Team and Dundee Airport Fire Service, will be taking part in the exercise which will see people rescued or evacuated from flood or fast water affected scenarios including properties.

Monikie Country Park will be open to members of the public during the exercise on Saturday, which runs between 10am and 3.30pm, with short term restrictions on access to the immediate vicinity of areas being used by agencies.

Civil Contingencies Officer for SFRS North Service Delivery Area, Keith Dyer, said: “This exercise is an excellent opportunity for Tayside Strategic Co-ordinating Group to fully test its multi-agency plans and procedures.

“The Scottish Fire and Rescue Service will have a major role to play in the exercise, but it’s very much about how we work in partnership with the other agencies involved to maximise public safety during such a scenario.

“Flooding is an issue which affects many of our communities and this event will help to enhance our response to such an incident when we face it for real. Public safety is at the very heart of everything we do within the Scottish Fire and Rescue Service and the wider Strategic Co-ordinating Group.”