Water rescue crew called to car in the River Ness

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picture courtesy of BBC Scotland

Scottish Fire and Rescue Service (SFRS) operational personnel based at Inverness community fire station responded to a report of a private car with two occupants entering the River Ness outside Inverness Cathedral at 10.07am this morning (Thursday 19th September).

The operational crews responded immediately to this incident and deployed its specialist swift water rescue team, who were able to implement their specialist skills and equipment and, following confirmation of only one person in the vehicle, performed a rescue to release the trapped occupant and lead him to safety.

SFRS personnel, colleagues from Police Scotland and the Scottish Ambulance Service worked together during this operation and made the scene safe.

Area Manager Scott Hay said: “This was an excellent example of how professional SFRS personnel with specialist skills are able to respond to emergency requests and assist members of the community.”

The Swift Water Rescue Capability was officially launched by Chief Officer Alastair Hay in Inverness on 28 August 2013 highlighting the benefits of a single service in being able to share skills and resources and provide access to the specialist skills to our communities across Scotland.

This was the first incident that allowed us to put our new equipment into action with our trained crews.

Area Manager Scott Hay added: “SFRS operational crews with specialist water rescue skills responded from Inverness Community Fire Station  to this emergency and rescued the occupant of the vehicle. Working in partnership with other colleagues from Police Scotland and the Scottish Ambulance Service, the scene was made safe and the injured person was taken to hospital.”

SFRS’s Director of Service Delivery in the North and Assistant Chief Officer, Robert Scott, said: “Our enhanced water rescue benefits the communities in the Highlands and Islands and adds to the overall flood rescue resource available to communities in the North of Scotland.

“The incident this morning has clearly shown the benefit of having an enhanced water rescue capability in the Inverness area.   Our team were quickly able to assist the occupant of the car to safety and no lives were lost.  

“This specialist team only went live last month and it is already proving to be excellent example of specialist resources being placed across Scotland where they are most needed.“