Firereach success for Glasgow school pupils

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Innovative scheme sees fire reduction in inner city


The City of Glasgow area has been working with pupils at Cleveden Secondary School in Kelvinside and John Paul Academy in Summerston, to help reduce the number of secondary fires in the area. As a result, there has been a 60% reduction in secondary fires with malicious calls also being down 49% and hydrant abuse cases reducing by 28%.

Pupils were asked to come up with a design for a new Firereach logo. Firereach is programme for young people which provides an insight into the role of a firefighter and encourages them to think about their actions and how these affect their community.

Despite fierce competition from several of her peers, Cleveden Secondary pupil Natalie Carroll’s artistic prowess came out on top and she was named a worthy winner earlier this week.

The next phase of the course will see the pupils identify a project which will benefit their community. Cleveden Secondary teacher Hannah Hooper who has worked alongside firefighters to achieve the level of excellence said: “We are delighted with the difference that SFRS involvement has made within the school and the pupils outlook and general behaviour.”

Area Manager George McGrandles said: “This is a very positive outcome for the schools and shows that working closely with them has, and will continue to, make a significant difference to the communities in which they are located.”

Natalie is pictured above with Group Commander Iain Goodlet, teacher Hannah Hooper and Firefighter David Craig.