Fatal and non-fatal fire casualties down in Aberdeenshire report informs area’s scrutiny committee

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LSO David Rout presented his report to the Aberdeenshire Scutiny Committee


The number of fatal and non-fatal fire casualties in the Aberdeenshire area has reduced according to the Scottish Fire and Rescue Service’s first quarter report.

The figures were released at the end of last week by Local Senior Officer (LSO) for Aberdeenshire, David Rout, who presented the report to scrutiny committee members at the council’s Policy and Resources Committee.

There was one less fatal fire casualty during the first quarter this year compared to the figure (2) in the first quarter of 2012/13. And non-fatal fire casualties reduced from 10 to 7 during the first quarter this year (2013/14).

One of the most significant areas of improvement was in relation to deliberate fires. Although there was an increase on the 2012/13 first quarter figure (39) to 64 in 2013/14 there has been a definite improvement compared to the previous years of 2010/11 and 2011/12 (71 and 98 respectively).

LSO David Rout said: "Deliberate fire setting shows the greatest improvement, reflecting the substantial effort invested in community safety education and multi-agency targeted reduction initiatives, but perhaps also influenced by the poor weather experienced in recent years.

"Clearly it is also pleasing to note a reduction in fatal and non-fatal fire casualties."

A large amount of prevention work across the region has also contributed to a vast reduction in the number of accidental house fires. The figure has gone down from 43 in 2012/13 to 30 during the first quarter in 2013/14.

LSO Rout added: "I am pleased to say that analysis of the report indicates a positive downward trend continuing across 21 of the 32 published indicators."

The first quarter also saw a 37% increase in the number of Home Fire Safety Visits carried out, when compared to the same quarter last year.

Mr Rout added: "I am committed to making necessary improvements in this area as Home Fire Safety Visits are a proven method of engaging with people at risk from fire and provide appropriate fire safety information and advice. 

"Partnership working is considered to be the most effective method of targeting "at risk" groups and identifying high value Home Fire Safety Visits."

LSO Rout has directed resources and provided a revised framework for delivering community safety and risk reduction initiatives across the Aberdeenshire area.