Western Isles crews in pilot safety project

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Firefighters join parter agencies in bid to prevent accidents striking residents of their communities.


Firefighters in na h-Eileanan Siar will take part in a pilot project to help protect residents of the Outer Hebrides from fire in the home.

Scottish Fire and Rescue Service (SFRS) crews are to work alongside partner agencies as part of a Royal Society for the Prevention of Accidents initiative called Scotland’s Home Safety Equipment Scheme.

Group Manager John MacDonald said: “The Scottish Fire and rescue Service is delighted to be an active partner in this project, which aims to identify local families and households that will benefit from the fitting of free safety equipment.

“Firefighters in the Western Isles will carry out a free home fire safety visit in each of the identified properties and provide advice and guidance to the occupiers on the prevention of fire in the home.

“The specialist advice will help reduce the chance of a fire starting in the first place but, if one does break out, then it will also give residents the time to get to safety and avoid injury or worse.

“Where necessary, the crews will fit free smoke alarms – which are of course absolutely vital to ensuring people have the warning and seconds needed to get to safety.

“SFRS is also supporting this project by providing accommodation in local fire stations to host partnership meetings and training events.

“The consideration of fire safety in the home, combined with other areas our partner agencies are focusing on, will contribute to making our communities safer and hopefully play a significant role in reducing the number of accidents in the home.”