Rescue after cars crash outside Lanark Fire Station

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South Lanarkshire firefighters on scene in seconds to help casualties and free a trapped motorist.

Hydraulic Cutting (cropped)

A woman was cut from her vehicle by firefighters after a three car collision outside the community fire station in Lanark, South Lanarkshire on Saturday morning (July 27).

Scottish Fire and Rescue Service (SFRS) crews from the station were on scene within seconds and immediately moved to assist those involved, including a woman who was trapped in her car.

A spokesperson said: "One car was on its side and firefighters quickly began work to free its driver using hydraulic cutting equipment, while other members of the crew attended to three walking wounded.

"First aid was provided to a woman and two men who had been able to leave their vehicles and, after being freed from her car, the trapped motorist was also treated at the scene by firefighters.

"With the arrival of an ambulance all four casualties were given precautionary check-ups and its team determined only the woman who had been trapped needed further medical assesment.

"She was taken to Wishaw General Hospital as a precautionary measure while firefighters continued work to make the scene safe."

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