Safe Drive Stay Alive Fife wins transport award

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Safe Drive Stay Alive Fife has been running for 10 years


Fife Community Safety Partnership’s innovative ‘Safe Drive Stay Alive’ roadshow has won the Most Effective Road Safety, Traffic Management & Enforcement Project at this year’s Scottish Transport Awards.

This annual event delivers thought-provoking messages to young drivers by demonstrating in realistic terms the potentially lethal consequences should they fail to understand and accept their responsibilities when getting behind the wheel of a car.  It has been running for 10 years and been seen by 45,000 school pupils and college students from all over Fife. The campaign has contributed to a reduction in fatal accidents of 45% since 2000, as well as a reduction in serious accidents by 60%. 

As well as being recognised in Fife as a worthwhile initiative the format has been adapted by other community safety partnerships throughout Scotland and the rest of the United Kingdom.

Scottish Fire and Rescue Service’s Station Manager Steven Michie said “It was with great pleasure and immense pride that I accepted this award, Most Effective Road Safety, Traffic Management and Enforcement Project, on behalf of all past and present organizer and practitioners.  This is a reflection on the achievements individuals can make whilst working in partnership.

“This was especially important as SDSA Fife 2012 was celebrating its 10 year anniversary of the show.  The Safe Drive team unanimously agreed to dedicate this award to the late Firemaster of Fife Fire and Rescue Service, Mike Bitcon, who had the foresight to introduce this life saving initiative within the UK.”

Fife Community Safety Partnership Chair, Superintendent Dougie Milton, said: “Road Safety remains a priority for the Community Safety Partnership and the Safe Drive Stay Alive roadshow is an integral part of our work to educate young inexperienced drivers as well as passengers and those who may be looking to obtain a licence in the near future. In partnership with our colleagues at FMC Technologies, Exxon Mobil and Diageo we will continue to deliver this hard hitting message and I’m delighted that winning this award recognises the effort of the practitioners who help to pull this roadshow together every year.”

The Safe Drive Stay Alive roadshow this year runs from 12th-15th November. 

Our photo shows Station Manager Steven Michie, Izzy MacCallum Practioner and Hugh Connell, Transportation Services at Fife Council with their award.